straight [adj1] aligned; not curved beeline*, collinear, consecutive, continuous, direct, erect, even, horizontal, in a line, in a row, inflexible, in line, invariable, level, like an arrow*, lineal, linear, near, nonstop, perpendicular, plumb, precipitous, rectilineal, rectilinear, right, running, sheer, short, smooth, solid, square, straightforward, successive, through, true, unbent, unbroken, uncurled, undeviating, undistorted, uninterrupted, unrelieved, unswerving, upright, vertical; concepts 482,486,581 —Ant. curved, indirect, twisted straight [adj2] honest, fair aboveboard, accurate, authentic, bald, blunt, candid, categorical, decent, equitable, fair and square*, forthright, frank, good, honorable, just, law-abiding, moral, outright, plain, point-blank*, reliable, respectable, straightforward, summary, trustworthy, unqualified, upright; concepts 267,542 —Ant. corrupt, dishonest, unfair, unjust straight [adj3] orderly arranged, correct, exact, in order, neat, organized, put to rights, right, shipshape*, sorted, tidy; concepts 535,585 —Ant. disordered, disorderly, disorganized straight [adj4] unmixed concentrated, neat, outand-out*, plain, pure, strong, thoroughgoing, unadulterated, undiluted, unmodified, unqualified; concepts 462,621 —Ant. diluted, mixed straight [adj5] conventional, square bourgeois, buttoned-down*, conservative, orthodox, traditional; concept 404 —Ant. different, unconventional, untraditional straight [adv1] immediately, directly as the crow flies*, at once, away, dead*, direct, due, exactly, first off, forthwith, in direct line, instanter, instantly, lineally, now, point-blank*, right, right away, straightaway, straightforwardly, straightly, undeviatingly; concepts 581,820 —Ant. later straight [adv2] honestly candidly, frankly, in plain English*, no holds barred*, no punches*, point-blank*; concepts 267,544 —Ant. dishonestly, indirectly

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